Low cost of living with a high quality of life.

Why should you bring your startup to Myrtle Beach?

Many technology start-ups and businesses can exist anywhere with Internet connectivity. However they can’t exist at all without people. These future leaders and innovators are looking for a place to live with high quality of life amenities and a community that stimulates their driven creative spirit. The Myrtle Beach area fits the bill...

Genuine Community

We have a growing group of passionate entrepreneurs, creatives, and investors. Many of which have world-class experience and talents to help your startup get to the next level.

Extend Your Runway

Live at the beach for cheap. Lower cost of living means you can invest more in your business. Property taxes, home and food prices are well below the national average.

Impact Opportunity

Even though the Grand Strand Area brings in over 15 million visitors each year, we are a small community with lots of opportunities to get involved and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Who is here already?

You are not alone! There's quite a few innovative and creative businesses in the Myrtle Beach area...

Kids Can Give Too makes it easy for kids to get the birthday gift of their choice and give to a charity they want to help at the same time.
Rails Playground is an advanced hosting provider geared toward developers that has served global customers since 2005.
What about investors? Turns out there's strong angel funding interest in the Myrtle Beach Area. The Startup.SC has gathered over $1M in registered interest from local investors, and it's companies have raised hundreds of thousands.

Why the Grand Strand?

See what we have to offer:

Want to know more?

Don't just take our word for it...

"I had been working on my own for so long and had no idea that being around motivated, like-minded people could be so invigorating and productive. Plus it's a great place to raise my family."

Barb Royal, Founder Kids Can Give Too!

"I relocated to Myrtle Beach and continued to run my angel funded startup without a hitch. I can buy a new construction, large single family home a mile from the beach for 1/3 the price of a condo outside Boston."

Mike Schroll, Tech Stars Alum & Co-founder Startup.SC

"I moved back to Myrtle Beach from Seattle and I've never regretted my decision. I continue to grow my consulting business while pursuing my passion for technology startups and helping others achieve their goals."

Paul Reynolds, Owner Blast Off Inc & Co-founder Startup.SC